OLPC Sighted in the Wild

Last week we brought the OLPC’s to Kenneth Hahn Park in Baldwin Hills.  The computers played a limited role of documenting the hike through the park in pictures.   The kids were surprised to learn that there were a number of edible plants like pink pepper and fennel/lincorice.  There was also some  wild cotton, sage, and California sagebrush, a.k.a. Cowboy Cologne, a number of bugs, and sweeping vistas of the city.

View above La Cienega

All the pictures above were from the OLPC.  Below are some others from phones:

3 thoughts on “OLPC Sighted in the Wild

    • Thanks Caryl! I seem to remember someone–probably you– mention a viewfinder for the XO… was I remembering correctly? Framing the pictures was a bit tricky, so one of those might help!

      • I’ll put one of the two I have in the repair kit. It will be in the baggie with the usb drive for reflashing the XOs the students repair. Enjoy!

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